Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009: PageMaps Sketch Challenge

Pin It Now! This is the Year-End Benzilla sketch contest (part 1). I love their sketches and seeing what everyone does with them! I personally like to challenge myself to come as close to the sketch as possible, but I have great admiration for people who can use the sketch as inspiration to go in amazing directions.

I was immediately drawn to the sketch for the butterflies - I really love butterflies! When Jeff and I went on our vacation to the Oregon Coast in 2005, we decided to stop off at the Portland, Oregon Zoo on the way. We were fortunate to hit the zoo at the same time as a traveling butterfly exhibit. It was a large tropical greenhouse filled with beautiful plants and foliage. Because butterflies don't live very long, they were breeding and hatching them on-site. We got to see every stage of the butterfly lifestyle - such an informative experience!

One butterfly in particular was amazingly pretty - but only in flight. At rest, it kept its wings vertical so you could only see the brown outside. In flight, it showed off the royal blue inside. Jeff spent a lot of time trying to catch one with the camera lens, but he never did. Still, we got some lovely photos of other butterflies for us to treasure. I've had the photos set aside for the perfect scrapbook opportunity, and this was it!

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