Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010: My 1967 VW Bug

Pin It Now! I am extremely fortunate to be able to drive this lovely 1967 VW Bug, who goes by the affectionate title of "Rocket" (After Kathy Mattea's song 355 Rocket.) This page shows both the before and after picture from the full, body-off restoration completed in 1998. For several years she was driven only in the summer, and garnered a shelf full of trophies and ribbons as a show car. Now my daily driver, she has been the most reliable car I know for the last 12+ years.

Rocket has her quirks and idiosyncrasies, but I love her for all her foibles. Of course, it helps that I have an excellent mechanic - Mitch of The Shop in Sandpoint, Idaho is a true guru of the aircooled VWs. Twice a year I make the trek to Sandpoint (it's nearly an hour drive) for him to winterize or summerize as needed. I'm always amazed at the performance he can get out of her. I hope I look this good when I am 43!!

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