Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010: Jen's Page

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This is a photo of a page I made of my best friend since childhood, Jen. We have been best friends since we started showing horses together many years ago. :)

This is a scraplift of a page I saw on www.scrapbook.com a while back - I've since lost track of it or I would give the original designer the credit she deserves! I do recall that she said it was a negative space challenge; I thought that would be good for me, since I have a terrible habit of overfilling my pages.

The flowers are from Sara's Flower Garden - I LOVE her flowers and her prices are amazing. She has a really special talent for layering flowers with snowflakes and other shapes for a truly unique look. Check out her amazing Ebay store:


Since my photography skills are not the best :) here is a close-up: the background IS black, although it doesn't look like it in the first picture - the flash washed it out.

An odd thing happened to me yesterday - I got an email from the Harley Davidson legal department. (!!!) Apparently, it is not legal to advertise my cards using their name at all. I feel bad, because I didn't know what I was doing is wrong. Live and learn, I guess! I've fixed my photo galleries and I've gone back and edited my blog posts. Henceforth, I will only sell motorcycle cards rather than a specific brand. I'm still trying to find out if it is OK to use the Jolee's motorcycle embellishments and the guitar picks, since I bought them. I hope so - they really make the cards special.

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