Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010: Budweiser Clydesdales

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This is the double page layout I did for the Graphic 45 Design Team call. I really wanted to use these photographs, but the truth is that they are pretty terrible. We had two major events that day; I had the opportunity to see the Clydesdales who were visiting the Kootenai County Fair, and Jeff won tickets for himself and a friend to go to a Seattle Mariners game. I sent our digital camera with him and bought the nicest disposable I could find for myself. Even the nicest aren't very good, I'm afraid. :(

I salvaged what I could, then I blew up the nicest of the photos to 4 x 6 and zoomed in as far as possible. The remainder I cut into slides. I love slide mounts! The large horse is an image I traced from a children's coloring book, then colored in with cotton balls swabbed on ink pads. I used Staz-On Timber Brown and Coffee Bean, with a little Jet Black. Before I inked him I masked of his face and legs. He turned out pretty cute. :)

Seeing the Clydesdales in person was an awesome experience. I've been around driving horses all my life (my family raised, rode and drove Norwegian Fjord Horses) but these guys were so much bigger! I was also surprised at how trusting their handlers were. The gelding in the middle of the second page was the first to be hitched, and his handlers spanned him in and then left him there unattended as they harnessed the other 7 horses. There was some sort of snafu - a junior handler had accidentally switched harnesses so they rushed around to re-harness two of the horses. As a result, this gelding was left unattended for almost 20 minutes; I guess they figured he couldn't pull the wagon by himself!

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