Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010: Mother's Day Roses

Pin It Now! As promised, here is the mother's day card CASE'd from yesterday's stamp camp card.

I decided that I wanted a softer look, so I chose to use cotton balls to add the color. (Incidentally, this is an excellent way to avoid your scary breyer. Works every time.) The inks are Cat's Eyes by ColorBok from the rose petals stack (I think...all mine seem to have lost their labels).

I wanted to do a larger card than the embossed roses are really intended for, which left me an odd flat edge. So I solved it by adding a strip of cardstock. I wanted it to be something like a window sash. Not sure I achieved that, but I think it works. :) The sentiment stamp is another Studio G $1 stamp.

The rose leaves are a favorite stamp of mine, although they aren't actually a regular rubber stamp. One of the ladies in one of my online scrapbooking groups pointed out that walking through the rest of craft stores (instead of just the scrapbooking section) can net some surprising finds. She went on to say that she had found some interesting rubber "stamps" in the soap making section - basically, they are the exact same as regular stamps, just unmounted. She was right! I bought a set of rubber "soap" stamps on my next trip. These rose petals are my favorite of the set. The way the set is packaged you can't tell what the 8 stamps are going to be, so the petals were a pleasant surprise when I opened the package. :)

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