Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010: The Antiques Roadshow

Pin It Now! This is one of the very, very few scrapbook pages that I have done with no photographs. For me, scrapbooking is really all about the photos; yet this page has none!

When the Antiques Roadshow came to our area, Jeff and I were quite excited to go. We applied for tickets but didn't hold out much hope that we would get to go, since so many people were applying. Imagine our surprise when we were chosen - now what on earth were we going to bring!?!?!

Although we own some sentimental pieces, it seemed unlikely that anything we had would capture the attention of an expert. However, we finally settled on a few small items (we were thankful later, after standing in line for hours, that we chose small items!) My favorite was the small medal on this page. I found it years and years ago in the dirt of my parents North Idaho ranch. We discovered that it was a medal from the Spanish American war - not valuable, but a fun find nonetheless. (Nothing we brought was valuable, of course!)

Although this page doesn't have any photos, it is really about the medal and the memorabilia of a fun day spent looking at the unique items (and atrocities, really) that other people hauled in. Such an experience!

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