Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010: The Quickie Card

Pin It Now! Here I present to you the quickie card. This is not a ten minute card, nor even a five minute card. Seriously, this is a TWO minute card. I had a true card emergency - halfway through packing a box, over an hour past my bedtime (I am NOT a night person!) and working through a difference of opinion with hubby, I realize that I promised a last minute, late mother's day card to a repeat client. Yikes!

So, I cut the front edge of a pre-scored card with a decorative punch, adhesived (is that a word?) in a contrasting liner and slapped a LARGE embellishment on the front. A couple quick stamps and it was ready to roll! Fastest card I ever made, and pretty cute, too. I guess not every card needs to have 5,000 pieces, quadruple matting and a moving part. :) I really loved the result - I should play with "clean and simple" more often!

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