Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010: Daisy Wedding Album Part I

Pin It Now! When the girl who does my nails told me she was getting married, I knew I wanted to make her a wedding album. I think, for non-scrapbookers, it's one of the best gifts you can receive; it will last forever and you can share it with anyone. Plus, I figure I AM a scrapbooker and I STILL haven't done a wedding album - I bet non-scrapbookers have an even bigger problem getting it done!

Tammy has been doing my nails for a long time, so I wanted to make her gift really special. Then she told me her wedding color was yellow and her flowers were going to be all daisies. Uh, oh. Had I ever even seen a daisy scrapbook item????

After scouring the internet, I discovered that Tim Coffee had designed a whole daisy collection for K & Company...but it was discontinued. Slowly but surely, with a combination of websites, ebay and etsy, I tracked down the whole collection piece by piece and built a 6 x 6" album from scratch. I love it!

Because the album turned out large - over 40 pages! - I'll share them with you a few at a time. :) First is the album itself, which I dolled up with a Sizzix diecut, then the first page with a Grand Adhesions by K & Co. I themed each page to a portion of the wedding or a group from the wedding party/guests/family/friends.

I used LOTS of Martha Stewart's dimensional daisy stickers as well as gold, cream and yellow papers to carry through the theme. I also used a number of Cloud 9's clear epoxy stickers.

I was fortunate to find a set of dimensional stickers in the Marcella line (created by K & Co and sold only at Target) that had wedding sayings, bride, groom, etc. This allowed me to create a cohesive timeline through the album.

Tammy has a true blended family, so I dedicated special pages to each of the members of the family so they could have their one space. The pink rose pages were my personal favorite, for Tammy's daughter Lexi.

Stay tuned for Daisy Wedding Album Part II!

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