Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24, 2010: The White Stallions

Pin It Now! This is the layout I did with the photos and memorabilia from one of my most memorable dates with Jeff. He bought us tickets to the famous White Stallions. I couldn't believe how close we were...there was the short arena walls at the bottom of the stands, then a single row of folding chairs on the arena floor, inside the walls. Literally, we could have reached out and touched the stallions as they passed.

I've been around horses all my life, but for Jeff it was a new experience. I think he thought we were going to die! I admit, the horses were not all as well behaved as one might have expected, and we very nearly had one in our laps at one point. :)

I didn't have a ton of photos (it was so dark in the arena!) so I fleshed out the page with extra pictures from Wikimedia Commons. Some were tiny and blurry so I printed them really small and mounted them in slide mounts. I love the bulletin board feel that the finished pages have.

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