Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010: Aperture Card

Pin It Now! I made this aperture care a long time ago - back when my photos were intended just as a record of what I had made, which is why the background is so funky. :)

This was actually one of the first cards I made on commission, so it really was a long time ago! I was asked to make a card for a gentleman who was working his way through chemotherapy. My customer had never met him - I believe she said he lived on the east coast - but was part of a prayer and assistance chain for him at their church. All she knew is that he really loved the beach and ocean,

I chose encouraging bible verses and planned the card around the sea star in the central aperture. I bought a box of these premade K & Co cards a while back, and by and large I've only used two as they are difficult to use. Still, I think this one came out well and I was proud to send it on it's way. :)

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