Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010: Washington DC

Pin It Now! I don't know about you, but I am forever scrapping out of season. When I'm doing my fall LOs, spring flowers are in abundance. Just when I want snowflakes, all I can find is beach balls. Locations are the same; when I had to make that Italian album on commission, all I could find was Paris.

When I created this LO with pictures from my trip to Washington DC with my daddy, there was hardly any options for scrapbooking. So I had to get creative. :) With the exception of the pentagon - which is a postcard - I used all my own photos and jazzed them up with a single sheet of DC stickers that I managed to find. To lend weight to the photos, I matted them in heavy framers mats. The tower and flag embellishment on the right was cannibalized from a folder and I added the military plane diecut as a nod to the Falcons that flew laps over DC 24/7 since September 11th.

I am most proud of the little embellishment in the lower left hand corner. I took a postcard of the DC metro system and cut it apart to give the indication of an envelope. Then I tucked my metro ticket and my capitol building tour ticket "inside."

These pages are early ones for me, which is why you don't see any patterned paper. I was too afraid at the time to give patterns a try!

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