Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010: My Newest Acquisition

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Those of you who have not met me in person are probably unaware of my collection of ginormous, glittery, vintage inspired costume jewelry. I love it - the bigger the better! My hubby is very tolerant of my oversized pieces (although he says the moment I start hanging clocks around my neck like Flavor Flav, I'm cut off).

Because many of my pieces are so large, jewelry boxes are a problem. I usually end up tossing them on whatever surface is handy. Since I wear them on a daily basis I always want to have them available. I have a deep windowsill in the bathroom, and that has become my favorite resting place. Poor Jeff never said anything, but I know his patience was wearing a little thin with the piles.

Enter my latest acquisition...a small metal dress form. Isn't it awesome?? I love the shabby white finish. I added the ribbon belt and put the pink rhinestone in the middle of the flower. And the spider is one of my favorite pendants, not part of the dress form. :)

The hooks on the bottom are just perfect for my oversized pendants. Soo perfect that I had to share!

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