Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011: TGIF!

Pin It Now! What a week! Bayley is still struggling, although the antibiotics are easier to give her than I thought. She will eat anything in small balls of cheese! She has a little swelling on each side of her face still, which makes her look a little puffy but otherwise I think she is on the mend. I continue to dampen her kibbles (the vet did not recommend canned food; just slightly moistened dry food), and she is eating well.

I have had a LOT of homework this weekend, but I think I may play a little hooky this weekend and enjoy some time off. I can't believe how much homework I have - and it isn't even midterms yet!

Also on my desk is my One Sheet Wonder class. As I was doing up my samples, I realized that all my templates are completely or partially CASEd from someone else; and I want my very own! I'm terribly picky about OSWs - some don't use every single little scrap, which I don't like as much. I like to use every millimeter. :) Also, I have my heart set on using Stampin Up's First Edition Designer Series Paper, which is lovely - just like the pages of old books. has a direction to it. Usually, I make my OSWs out of papers that can go any direction, like florals. Now, I want all my words to be right side up, so I am making a brand new OSW template from scratch! It's turning out really cool, but it's a lot of work. :)

I'm so glad it's Friday. :)

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