Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012: Clean & Simple Design Team, Round #2

Pin It Now! I am thrilled to report that my submission for the Clean & Simple Design Team earned me a semi-finalist spot for Round 2 of eliminations. For this round, we were provided an inspiration photo, which you can see here. As soon as I saw the photo, I knew I was in for a challenge. Anyone who knows me would say this photo is about as far from my comfort zone as you can get! Bright colors? No. Kiddos? Certainly not. Playground equipment? Please refer to answers one and two.

I showed Jeff the photo, and he said it would be easy - just use stamps that are good for kids. I don't have anything like that, Jeff. Oh, he said; toy type stuff then. No, none of that, either. Rainbows, he asked? No, I don't have any rainbow stamps. Oh. You really are in trouble. Thanks for the help, Jeff.

I started going through my stash looking for anything remotely like the picture, and I discovered that I really do own too many vintage flower stamps. :) Finally, out fell Party This Way. I would have NEVER chosen to purchase this set, but it was a free item for Sale-a-Bration, so I thought why not? I'm soooo glad I did! (Never even thought I would use it, actually. :) )

All in all, although I can honestly say that this card is really a LONG way outside what I normally do, I'm really happy with it. :) Hope it gets me to Round 3!

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