Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012: Before & After

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I am wayyyy late posting this!  This is the cover to the Perpetual Calendar we made back in the February Class (although due to exigent circumstances it was actually held the first Saturday in March).  But, before I share all 12 of the pages, I wanted to share a little of my creative process.  :)

I had originally seen this idea in a tutorial I purchased from the AMAZING Butternut Sage Designs - I highly recommend her tutorials!  The one I purchased is HERE.  Isn't it the cutest thing?  Her wallet is an actual annual calendar, and I wanted to do a perpetual one, even though I knew it would have to be a bit larger. 

A bit!  Try a lot larger.  :)  Now, no longer cute and small, I had to come up with a new cover design.  I had wanted to do the same cover as she had (the bottom part of Cover #1), but I suddenly had a huge blank space to fill.  And it looked silly.  And I couldn't seem to come up with anything new!

A panicked e-mail for help to my Late Night Stampers (check out my sidebar to join!) group yielded tons of thoughts and support.  Thanks guys!  Using several of their thoughts and my refreshed creative mojo, I came up with Cover #2, which did not look silly at all.  :)

So there you have it.  I'll load up the 12 pages tomorrow!


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