Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012: Floral Frames Framelit Ornaments

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 Last year I went crazy making the pop up star  ornaments...I think I must have made 50 of them!  I learned how to do them by using the amazing Tami White tutorial (I'll embed her You-Tube video at the end of this post).

One thing I learned through making them is you can use any shape that can be evenly divided into quarters - not just squares!  As soon as I saw the Floral Frames Framelits in the new catalog, I saw they had 8 petals...perfect for pop up flowers.  :)

You make these the exact same way - and I love that when they are all folded up they make a heart!  These ornaments actually make perfect gift tags for a present or a wine bottle neck.  I often put plain cardstock on the sides and stamp them with a "To: From:" stamp, or a birthday sentiment.

So there you have it - pop up flower ornament tags!


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