Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2012: Thoughts

Pin It Now! I got an e-mail today asking why I wasn't sharing the new Stampin' Up! promotions on my blog anymore.  The e-mail pointed out that there were several really exciting things going on - none of which I've mentioned here.  Partly, this is because I simply haven't had the time.  With the floral shop opening in the 26th, I've been crafting up a storm - tons of cards, magnets, valentines, jewelry, etc, well as painting, cleaning, ordering and making 50 favors for the grand opening.  More time crafting = less time posting!

But the real reason?  I honestly didn't think anyone read my posts.  I average only a few comments a month, at least half of which is spam (yes, "Pamela Anderson", I have gotten your links - all of them.  And yes, I am ignoring them).  In the years I've blogged I've never gotten a single order from my blog and only a few from my website.  I've been blogging since December 13, 2009 and have published over 1,000 posts representing countless hours.  But were they wasted?   

I am struggling with the best way to reach people.  I love my blog and am happy to maintain it as a way to share my photos but I don't feel that it is really a logical method of sharing information.  However, if you DO read about Stampin' Up!'s promotions here, please let me know!  Otherwise, Facebook seems to have become my go-to (you can click on the badge to the right).

Since I've chosen to take the position of manager for my mother's floral shop as well as use the amazing opportunity to sell my finished items in a real store, I'm forced to reevaluate, revamp and redesign my business.  I love the evolutionary process and am enjoying seeing all that God has to offer.  I think this will be amazing in the long run - but in the short term it is a little daunting to try new things. :)

New year, new job, new I come!

Elin K.


  1. Elin, I can certainly appreciate how you feel and know that you have been working very hard on the new business with your mother. I have left several comments on your blog and do appreciate what you share with us! I wish you and your mom the very best in your new venture! I will check out your facebook page. Tks!

  2. What an exciting new path!!!!! Good luck!!!!


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