Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009: Mom's Page

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I love making scrapbook pages from sketches; it's a great challenge for me. :) I try to come as close to the sketch as possible, which I enjoy. This page started from a PageMaps sketch ( and was used for a ~*~scrapbooking_friends ~*~ yahoo group challenge. Challenges are nice because they kind of force you to get something done, I find. Without a little motivation, I can spend hours fussing with a background and never actually finish or put any photos on top!

For my page, I used punchies, Prima flowers and Bride's Flowers from Michaels with rhinestones and brads. The larger photo is my mom with my now elderly Norwegian Fjord gelding Two River's Olaf and her Westie Zoe (who firmly believes her name is "No Zo"). Mom has been very crafty over the years to avoid being on the wrong side of the camera, so I consider myself lucky to have even a few photos of her.

This page also won first prize in the Kootenai County Fair Embellished Page Class.
Speaking of sketches, one of my favorite sketch makers is Beggahuna. I first found her sketches on in the gallery, and I was thrilled to discover that she has a blog with her amazing sketches. I strongly recommend you check her work out!

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