Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010: With Sympathy

Pin It Now! I've been making a lot of my least favorite cards recently - sympathy cards. Death is always a difficult part of life, although I do find that thanks to my faith in God it is easier than it would otherwise be. I am so thankful that many of the people I knew are in a better place because they have put their lives into God's hands. There is still pain at their passing, but nothing like it would be if I didn't know that I would see them again. Unfortunately, not everyone has accepted God's gift, and I feel their loss all the more keenly as I keep them in my prayers.

Today my family lost a good friend, so I will be making a sympathy card this weekend for their family that I will be able to share with you next week. I also need to make a sympathy card on commission, so I will be sharing that one also. Since I don't have them done yet (and I am still working on my favors for stamp camp tomorrow - yikes!) I decided to share this sympathy card that I made some time ago.

I don't often put long sentiments in my cards - I've always thought that is part of what sets handmade card makers apart from Hallmark - but this one is a rarity for me as I included a vintage saying found on an Irish tombstone. As far as I know, it is quite old (perhaps 1700s, if I remember correctly). I've always liked it; it isn't sappy or overly sentimental.

The template was found online - if I can dredge up the site I'll share it.

Thanks for checking in today. :)

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