Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 10, 2010: Shelob

Pin It Now! FINALLY finished this page and put it in my scrapbook. It had actually been "done" for a while, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. I finally found the vintage inspired pink rhinestone spider brooch on ebay; that was it! That was what the page needed. And it only took me three months to cut the back off the brooch and affix it to the page. :)

This was our first gargantuan cat spider, who we names Shelob after the spider in the Lord of the Rings. In the book, Sauron called her "My Cat" (a fact that didn't make it into the movies). We don't have a cat as Little Miss McMuttersons is a confirmed cat hater, so we have always called the cat spiders our cats. You can just see the glittery "My Cat" towards the bottom of the page.

The close-up photo of Shelob was the only one I could use since she was tucked up tight in the eves of our house; the other two and the tiny screenshot from the movie of the "real" Shelob are copyright free images from Wikimedia commons. I can't wait to make a new LO with pics of the new cats, who were kind enough to make their webs in the open for photo purposes!

The Once Upon a Time paper stack by Die Cuts with a View was perfect for this page. I love how the photos, gold glitter in the paper and stickers, the felt spider webs and the Lord of the Rings journaling all fit together. Now that this is finished, I think I might exhibit it at next year's fair. :)

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