Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011: My Digital Studio

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I'm having so much fun with My Digital Studio! So far I've only used it to create advertisements, but don't they look great?

I love how flexible it is - I was using Microsoft Word previously, and it always bothered my that I couldn't place an image exactly where I wanted it. Somehow or other, formatting was always in my way. With MDS, I can place elements anywhere on the page with no limits.

Also, elements can be resized! Look at the Modern Label Punch, for example. I wanted it big enough to fit my contact information...and I wanted that information big enough to read! By enlarging the Modern Label Punch, I was able to accomplish both of these goals. And the punch can be filled with any color, as I have done here with Perfect Plum, or DSP, or a photo, or...

Another very cool thing about MDS is all the fonts on your computer are automatically loaded and available for you to use. I'm a font girl - my computer has well over 1,000 fonts that I have downloaded over the years. With MDS, I can use them all! And, of course, all the colors are always perfectly coordinated. Layering is a snap, too!

If you haven't tried out MDS yet, you really should! If you are local, contact me and I can set up a private demonstration on my laptop. :)

Oh - and don't forget my Open House on July 16th!

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