Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009: Farm Page Kit Swap

Pin It Now! This is a picture of my contribution for the Farm Page Kit Swap that I participated in a couple months ago on one of my Yahoo groups. I had so much fun putting this together! The rules were three handmade items and one purchased from a store. I found the sticker sheet on ebay and really liked the vintage feel of it, so I played off that for the whole kit. I found the little brass barn on Etsy and the Framer's Market cards at my local scrapbook store, Sticker Planet (they don't have a storefront, but their warehouse is near my work so I can pick up my orders - shipping free! - on my breaks. A little too convenient, really!). You can't see it very well, but the pull tabs on the swing tags also have tiny, 1/4" brass butterflies on them. I really liked the look of the brass with the burlap paper and vintage theme.

The stickers, although photo safe, were not of the best quality, so I threw in some patterned paper in burlap and grass patterns to make up for it.

I participate in a lot of swaps, but page kit swaps are my favorites by far. So often the things you get back in regular swaps don't really coordinate because each element is some one's interpretation of the theme. In a way, this makes them fun; it is always interesting to see where each person goes with their imagination. But, it can make utilizing the finished items harder. With page kits, the whole thing coordinates so you can make a full layout.

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