Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010: BLOG CANDY WINNER!!!

Pin It Now! Oh, no...hubby's car didn't make it to work yesterday morning. Sadly, another driver ran a stop sign right in front of Jeff and he couldn't stop in time, so he T-boned the other driver. The other driver will be OK, but Jeff has a fractured sternum and a fractured ankle; between the two he is requiring constant care and assistance. If you e-mail me, please give me a little extra time to answer. I'm trying to call insurance companies, help him, locate a replacement car, etc, etc, etc. :]

Despite this, I didn't want you all to miss out on the blog candy...thank you so much to all who entered! I won't make you wait...

The winner of the blog candy is......Marilyn S.!!

Marilyn S., please contact me at to discuss your custom card...congratulations!!

And now I will reveal the answer to the question about the bird. As I said, I don't have Stampin Up's Two Step Bird Punch; I couldn't justify it since I was already making very similar birds. The most poplar answer was the Cricut; but I don't have one! I'm actually kind of surprised no one tumbled to my "secret." :) Here is how I do it:

It's actually a Quickutz Revoution Die. As you can see from the negative image, the tail is significantly different from the Stampin Up punch - and I like Stampin Up's one better. It just looks so much more graceful to my eye, so I alter my diecut. I use the Fiskars daisy punch, but you could use any punch with a small point on it to cut a notch (or, you could hand cut it if you are better with scissors than I am!). Then, using the top point of the tail and the notch as a guide, I just cut the remainder of the tail off in a slightly convex curve. The resulting bird is slightly larger than the punch, which is all to the better. :)

Oh, and the wing (not pictured) is a small oval punchie cut off at a curving angle. It isn't a perfect replica, but I think it does the trick...and saved my $15.95 for a punch I actually needed (OK, didn't need, exactly, but...)

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