Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010: Pumpkin Shaker Card

Pin It Now! Wrong time of the year and all that, but I still wanted to share this shaker card I made a while back. I love shaker cards, and I've made a number of different ones over the years. This one, though, I think is my favorite of all time.

I just LOVE this paper from Debbie Mumm's fall collection so much; it's a homey, rustic patchwork of fall imagery. When I saw the "Roasted Pumpkin Seeds" square, I really wanted to do a shaker box with pumpkin seeds. Sadly, pumpkin seeds were much too large for the job...but these cucumber seeds look very similar and are perfect! Unless someone plants them, they will never know the difference!

One tip if you choose to use seeds of any kind as shakers...always use planting seeds. The seeds you eat - even if marketed as dry roasted - always seem to have some oils on them and they WILL grease spot your paper. And yes, I did learn this the hard way!

Thanks as always for checking in with me! I pulled out my scrapbooks and photographed more of my pages, and I promise to share those soon. I really am a scrapbooker...I promise!

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