Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010: Happy Independence Day!

Pin It Now! God Bless our Troops - both past and present! Happy Birthday, America.

Wouldn't you know it...I have NOTHING red, white and blue to share with you today! How sad is that? I suppose I should have made something, but I chose to play hooky today with my hubby. We went to the Farmers Market and then garage saling. Then I came home and was very industrious and completed the new perennial bed. It's not a large bed, just something that the previous owner cut into the corner of the backyard. It's largely gone to seed over the years, but this summer I really wanted to make it pretty so I gutted it out and planted in perennial flowers. It's amazing now - hopefully it will help our house sell! Now I just have to keep it alive. My thumb isn't terribly green. More like black, actually (and now dirty as well. Perhaps I should try to grow the plants ON my thumb.)

OK, now that you have stuck with me through that fascinating horticultural report, on to the card! This is the second to last Stamp a Stack card (we made six). I love the layout, and I really love the stamp set (Fifth Avenue Floral - loved it so much I bought it). Wish my stamping skills were good enough to show it off! We were supposed to stamp the three large flower images in three different ink colors to make a hodgepodge effect. Random is something I really struggle with, so mine came out much more structured than it should have. Yet another that I can't wait to remake properly. :]

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