Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010: Home Improvements

Pin It Now! This is a scrapbook layout I did commemorating the journey of buying our first home. Although we had palatial dreams, when we bought our home in 2005 the market was on a heavy upswing. Houses were selling for crazy high prices in a matter of a few days. For first time home buyers on a small budget, the challenge was daunting.

We spent four months looking at overpriced shacks with every oddity from no laundry rooms to joint kitchen and baths (literally, a toilet right next to the oven). Everything was falling down, ancient, and in need of major repairs. Then our Realtor told us about a house that another Realtor has held as pocket listing for 30 days. In this market, that was unheard of - and it sounded perfect. We knew something was wrong, but we had to go look anyway. We soon discovered that was wrong - it was FILTHY. Like, beyond belief disgusting dirty.

This scrapbook page shows all the projects that made our new home livable, from replacing carpeting and painting to removal of the dishwasher-turned-overflowing-litter-box. It wasn't fun, but it allowed us to have what is now a lovely (and salable!) home. :)

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