Friday, December 24, 2010

BLOG CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm just 10 DAYS shy of my goal of 365 posts in 365 days; December 13th is my first Blogiversary! I'm so excited. In the last year, I have done some fun and amazing projects; many that I didn't even know I was capable of. I've met some lovely people and I can't even tell you how blessed I feel. I really want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have helped me along the way.

I've cleaned out my stamp room and came up with some of what (I hope) are exciting items to give away. I took a photo of what I found, but I am adding more items! I want them to go to lots of different people, not just one. So, here are the rules to enter. You have SIX opportunities to gain entries!

1. Become a follower my blog then leave me a comment and I'll give you an entry.

2. In your comment, tell me what you like about my blog and some suggestions about what you would like to see more of, and I'll give you a second entry.

3. Refer a friend! If they become a follower, leave me a comment with their name and you get another entry.

4. Add my candy to your blog or Facebook, then leave me a comment with the link and you get another entry.

5. Place an order through me on my Stampin Up site ( and get TWO entries PLUS a hand-stamped card from me. :)

Please make sure you have contact info in your comment so I can locate you. :) Oh...and if you see something in the photo that appeals to you, let me know in the comment. I'll try to oblige!

Some of the candy items requires a manual die cut machine of some sort; please let me know in your comment if you DO NOT have one; I'll try to send you something else if you get drawn.

I'll draw names based on how many followers I get. The more followers, the more candy I'll give away!

Now, I don't want to leave out the you lovely followers who have stuck with me as I've learned how to blog this past year. I've already written your names down and you are in a special "first followers only" drawing. :)

I'll be running this candy until Midnight Christmas Eve; I'll announce the winners Christmas or the day after. It might take me some time to do the drawings...I'm hoping for LOTS of entries! I know you are out there. :)

Thanks for all the support in the past year...and here's to more years to come!!


  1. Never been No.1 before, WOW what great blog candy, would sure love to win this one. Thank you for the chance to win.

  2. Hi Elin. I just became a follower today and am so glad I did. I love your blog. And your slideshows are great.
    I would love to win your blog candy but I'm just glad to find your blog.

  3. Hi Elin, I too have just become a follower of your blog. I used to just visit from time to time before. I find your blog inspires me, and I'm always going to make something, but that old enemy time gets in the way or I don't have the product or whatever to do it.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your great blog candy (I love border punches :D)my email is de.mamacrystal74 at Hugs De (Mamacrystal)

  4. I have just sent an email to my daughter Redcrystal (Liz) to tell her about your blog

  5. Hi Elin,
    I'm new to your blog. My mother (mamacrystal) just sent me your link. Loving the look of that blog candy!!!
    I'm really loving the colours of your blog and that printed text/rose background is something I'd love to scrap with lol!
    Off to check out your blog. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  6. Hi Elin,
    I also have been following your blog, but never signed up as a follower. A friend convinced me being a follower is a good thing to do so I signed on to your blog! YEAH. I have to say I love watching the progression of your cards. You have given me many ideas about things I could do also, but haven't tried. Guess it's time to be brave and start putting more of my creations on my blog. THANK YOU for the inspiration!! Also, thank you for the chance to win , what a wonderful way to celebrate!

    Debbie Z.

  7. Love all your ideas that you have. Visit here often to see what you have going on! Keep up the great work.

  8. Hi! I love your blog and am now a follower. I do belong to Cuttlebugitis where I see and enjoy your creations. Happy blogiversary

  9. Love your blog. Very elegant and easy to navigate. Your creations are wonderful and inspiring.

  10. I just saw you on SC. I am your newest follower. I LOVE what you have done with your blog. I've only resently started blogging as a SU demonstrator. I haven't been a demonstrator long, so I still feel really intimadated. It was so nice to read your story though about learning and growing this past year. It gives me great hope! I love, love, love everything you've done and I will for sure put your blog on mine. Keep up the great work!!

  11. I love your blog---you have so many great ideas! You have so many links that I am still exploring. I am a follower and proud of it:)

  12. Congrats on signing up with SU! You'll love it! I havn't posted it yet, but I have to quit as a demo...the Lord has called me to serve and I can't ignore that calling! I'm not giving up stamping, because I love it and it's part of my ministry. The great thing about SU, is I can pick up later on if I want!
    Besides your beautiful work, I think I like your roses...before I even get to reading your posts, my attention is drawn to the beautiful pink roses! Good Luck and God Bless!

  13. Wow, I just can't believe you actually were able to do 365 posts in 365 days!!! I am shaking my head in awe...don't know how you can manage it...some days, it's so hard for me to get on here. Great job!! So generous of you to offer up all this candy! :) tfs

    PS - Followed you here via SC Blog Thread

  14. Wow, you are a super poster. Love the roses as a background with the pink velum over top.

  15. Wow, super! Love the look of the blog. It is so pretty. Love the blog candy also but I never win anything.

  16. ahh I sent an email instead! Thought it didn't seem right lol

    I just clicked to follow you, and I like the look of your blog, very well designed. It's also easy to read. I'd like to see sone videos to explain techniques- I find it so much easier to learn a technique when I can see what's being done. Sometimes I get a bit lost along the way haha I'm a new demo, and new to SU, although I've been making cards for a while. I'm still learning techniques and ways to make cards really pop, something I'm seeing often with your examples, love your work!

    I also liked your facebook page and shared to my profile (Jodi Pike)

    I don't have a manual die cut machine.
    I absolutely adore the clear-mount butterfly stamps (Martha Stewart I believe?) from the picture, and I like the pale blue border punch and the stamp set on top of the butterfly one as well, can't believe you're giving them away!

  17. opps, that was me that just posted... if you need to contact me, send an inbox message through my facebook account, or an email to

  18. Hi Elin... so I stumbled across your page this morning @ 12:20 Christmas morning... thought, "oh, what fun!" about your blog candy, and then "oh, no! I'm too late" so... went to bed. Am now up with a crazy need-to-go-to-the-doctor asleep hand (carpal tunnel??) and thought I'd enter in your blog candy contest anyway if I could get a "grace" entry! :) I'm a fairly new SU demo, and love your site! Have never followed a blog before, but think your site is a great one to follow because of all the ideas, PLUS you don't exclusively use US - you use what you have! LOVE that because that's the way our customers are! Another thing I love is that you're not far from me... :) I'm north of Spokane. BUT, the thing I love most... you celebrate CHRISTmas! Enjoying the prospect of being inspired by you! Thanks!


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