Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010: Easter Baskets

Pin It Now! Today I thought I would share the Easter baskets I made for "my" kiddos this past Easter ("my" kiddos are my niece Mia and nephew Dustin). They really enjoyed them, and I hope I made them sturdy enough to be reused, but you never know with kids!

Dustin's is done in a cowboy theme, and Mia's was all butterflies. I must say, the handle on Mia's was a wonderful "use-up" for all the little scraps of ribbon that seem to hang around! The handle on Dustin's is actually crocheted, although it kinda looks like macrame.

I had great fun making them, and they were great for recycling, too. The "buckets" are leftover from the Bride's flower confetti that Michaels sells (not sure why, but I seem to have collected several...I just love the flowers! I keep hoping they start making them in black.)

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