Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010: Snowflake Boxed Card Set

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Several of you have mentioned that I have yet to post a boxed card set - yet I do so many of them! I have literally made dozens of boxed card sets. So I'll try to be better about posting them more often. :)

Each of my boxed sets is six heavily embellished cards in a matching box. I always use the One Sheet Wonder (OSW) technique; I only use one 12 x 12 sheet of patterned paper, which I cut using templates. (My templates were originally garnered from someone else's blog years ago, but I've done enough mods I can probably call them my own by now!) This way, I don't waste a single millimeter of my precious patterned paper.

In order to make the cards really fit together and coordinate, I always follow a few self-imposed "rules" for each set. In this case, every card had to use a different 2 1/2" snowflake cut using my Slice, silver snowflake charms and blue ribbon. Each envelope is stamped with the same snowflakes in the same ink. After that, though, each card and the box is embellished differently. I try to do a little something special to each card to set it apart from the others.

I really enjoy making these sets. :) They are always fun gifts, too.

This snowflake set is one I made to list on Etsy.

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