Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010: Anniversary Page

Pin It Now! This is another of the very first scrapbook pages that I ever did, several years ago. It's a bit archaic...I used every tool I owned on this page! I had two pairs of decorative scissors. That's it! It's hard to imagine as I look around the room now. it's loaded with tools as befits a complete tool junkie.

On this page, I tried to showcase every bit of memorabilia that I had of Jeff's maternal grandparents. On the upper left is a recreation of their wedding invitation from September 20, 1947. The picture in the upper right was their 40th anniversary and the picture on the lower left was their 50th, complete with a napkin from the party their children threw them. The "journaling" (I've never been a journaler) is the wording from the invitation to the 50th party. The page seemed plain, so in the approved beginner fashion I added a sticker in the middle. :)

Thank you for all the good wishes as my husband recovers. He is doing better and we hope to have him back to work in a few weeks. It's a stressful process but I am trying to fit in small crafting sessions as I can to help keep me sane. :)

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