Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010: Baby Onesie Card

Pin It Now! This is one of my infamous baby onesie cards - I've made several of these for various new arrivals, but I am still hopefully waiting to make a really cute girl one! All the ones I have made are for boys, so I have had to curb my natural inclinations for glitter, lace, ruffles, etc.

All my onesie cards open vertically and fold flat for mailing. The template is the size of a standard A2 card and is my own design.

On another note, thank you for your continued good thoughts and prayers for my poor beat-up husband. He is healing, but not as quickly as he would like. I keep telling him the accident was only last Saturday! We have made a lot of progress in some areas, though. We tracked down a lovely used Saab, and if the Carfax and mechanical check comes back clean I believe we will buy it. I just can't believe how much time this is taking, though. Both Jeff and I are running through two cell phone batteries a day, and simple things seem to take forever. For example, it is taking the two of us nearly an hour each morning to get Jeff through the shower. Multiply that times as many things as need to be done on a daily basis (like laundry!) and there goes the day. :( We are hanging in there, though!

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