Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010: Hangar Sale Favors

Pin It Now! This is the prototype for the favors for the first customer's at Mom's hangar sale this weekend. Technically it's something of a barn sale, but Dad's airplane hangar is both large and available. :)

Mom's stocked the sale with tons of new and eclectic merchandise, so if you are local you really should check it out. It's between Newport, Washington and Priest River, Idaho - just follow the signs.

There is amazing furniture, Christmas ornaments, lamps, candelabras, rhinestone pins, high-end florals, etc. There is even a resin rams head that will look smashing on someone's wall. It really doesn't look like an airplane hangar...more like a upscale boutique.

Anyway, I volunteered to make the favors. Mom had already bought the fleur de lis magnets (she LOVES fleur de lis), and I added the charms pop-dotted to vintage paper punchies. I really love how the packaging came together! Now I just have to make 29 more. :)

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